Your Marketing Team must include Email Marketing as the most important Strategy.
Email Marketing

Your Marketing Team must include Email Marketing as the most important Strategy.

As a marketer, you must have heard coworkers hanging around and discussing how email marketing is not being discussed anymore in the marketing departments, and it has been a frequent concern for most marketing departments nowadays in almost every company.

Well, I’m here to allow you to understand that you don’t need to worry because email marketing is still going strong and is still used and recommended as the top most important services and steps in a marketing plan. According to few studies, around 40% of marketers say that B2B email newsletters are the top most critical content in their while sending email promotions and 73% of millennial and companies prefer email as a means of communication.

Email Marketing always created Interest

You see, email marketing services were used by top companies earlier and are still preferred the most to reach their target audience. Around 99 % of consumers are said to check their emails daily, and it’s also unquestionably the favourite means to receive upgrades from your brands. It is found in studies that more than 83% of users assess their emails on smartphones. As marketers, we can’t ignore those numbers, that’s why it is important to develop a sturdy email advertising plan.

Below, let us review the best advantages of adding email marketing in your marketing plan, which explains why it’s among the most effective and important advertising and marketing tactics.

Key Points of using Email Marketing as that every Marketing Professional should Know:-

  1. Creating customized articles:

With email marketing, you can customize your campaigns and can prepare targeted content for your audience or prospective customers. Customization can be as modest as anything like including a contact’s name or adding up his feedbacks and reviews, his likes and dislikes, etc, you can create customized content based on your own audience so that you send the right emails to the right clients, For E.g., you can create different emails for one time customers and different emails for returning customers. In fact, it has been found that emails that include the first name of the receiver in their subject line have a higher chance of getting opened and clicked, thus increasing the click-through rate.

 Your emails may have variations, including different graphics or theme lines, to maximize your customer engagement. You can even create coordinated lists based on target location or customer behaviour and their engagement levels. To have a successful email marketing strategy, you would need to send the right content at the right time.

2. Collecting customer reviews and feedbacks:

 Keeping a pulse on customer reviews is extremely beneficial. If you want your customers to socialize, engage, and purchase from your brand, Email marketing will allow you to do this. For example, you may send customer satisfaction feedback forms to obtain customer feedback through emails. This helps a lot in upgrading and figuring out your net market condition.

 This score helps you to find out the proportion of customers who are new ambassadors and the ones who have opted out of your brand. With this, you can come up with more plans to enhance your customer satisfaction.

3. Improving sales:

 While email marketing is a superb advertising practice, it may also help in increasing your sales numbers too, almost 69% of marketers say email gives them the maximum source of ROI and marketers who used segmented efforts have noted around 80% increase in their revenue. Email marketing campaigns can feature services or products, encourage prospects to buy products, or help in announcing special offers for your loyal customers. Also, 60-65 % of respondents have told in a survey that promotion emails influenced them to make a purchase. Your email marketing campaigns may easily integrate messages to encourage a purchase to an audience that is much more likely to buy from you because they will have opted-in to your updates and messages.

Also, you can use email marketing to automate part of your earnings process, which can assist in earnings too. For instance, Aditics services help you create your marketing plan and also run your email campaigns by enabling automation tools in your system, implementing and running them, Aditics uses various marketing automation platforms like Hubspot, Pardot, Adobe, etc. that can automate revenue trickle campaigns and also send automated messages to prospects your own salespeople wish to check out up with.

4. Connecting with your audience:

As a contributor, it is always important to enhance communication with your audience. Whenever your audience feels that they can speak to you about their expectations or look for your brand, they are more likely to become your brand loyal. Just think — people love good emails.

Think back to the last time you’ve received a marketing email from the brand you love — was it disruptive or you enjoyed looking at the recent news? If the email was new, you probably have enjoyed the experience and felt that you are in touch with one of your favourite brands, and they work on your expectations. With email marketing, you can reach the maximum number of crowd and can readily communicate with them. Plus, these emails keep your audience engaged throughout every time of the season, whether it’s a slow or busy season.

5. Generating visitors to your website:

 When you create great content, how do you disseminate it to your audience? Mostly, you send them an email with a thank you message; then you’ll try to engage him/her with the content send the traffic to your site to improve your SEO.

As an example, most of you might reach a page or website from the promotion email. That is because email is a superb solution to provide value to the audience, and we also do that by creating for you the right content marketing plan such as articles, blogs, case studies, news and information, product based email content in email marketing services to generate potential traffic. If you are producing a contact that connects to your content, remember all your marketing emails should contain a call to action button to capture the subscribers.

6. Sending timely campaigns:

Although traditional advertising campaigns have period and place, they may take time, like weeks to plan, organize, and implement. Even after that, you probably are not positive if people are going to react to your campaign or realize your campaign assets at that moment.

However, with email marketing, you can build the entire effort on a small notice since they don’t take that much time to plan and create the content. Besides, you can make sure that your audience sees the email at the right time.

7. Increasing leads:

Precisely in the same vein as improving your ROI, with email marketing, you can also improve your lead generation. Actually, email marketing is generally used to improve lead count, nurture, and increase conversion of leads. As an example, let’s say you visited a website via email promotion and visited some of the service pages. After that, you start receiving emails related to your visit and interest, which is called drip marketing. After some time by continuously receiving emails, you create interest and end up submitting the form and book a demonstration. This process is called the conversion of MQL into SQL.

Email marketing helps in enhancing the leads so that your sales team is not wasting time in converting the same lead. Plus, if your company does lead scoring, you can keep track of if those leads that have opened, clicked to a link, visited your pages, or filled a form from your emails.

8. Reaching your ideal audience at the ideal time:

 To run a successful marketing campaign, you need to reach the ideal target at the ideal time. Yes, I’m reiterating this point as this is the most important point with email marketing; because, as per studies, it is easier to reach your audience as most of the prospects ideally check their emails on their phones.

They can check emails at any time on multiple devices; you can be on the top of their prospect’s mind via email marketing, which may increase the achievement of any marketing efforts.

9. Producing economical campaigns fitting your pocket size:

While current campaigns like print ads and campaigns may be costly, email advertising campaigns are much cheaper than the conventional one. For example, you won’t have to pay for almost any photoshoots, location prices, legumes, etc. All you need is a content creator and a good graphic designer along with a few good content creator tools and email automation tools. This can likewise be a person in your marketing team.

In addition, email promotions do not take a very long time to create. In case needed, you can even create a message in one day that will be much more cost-effective compared to the time taken to generate a print advertisement. Since time and budget constraints always affect marketers, email marketing campaigns could be more efficient, while also generating revenue and leads.

10. Providing more value to your customers:

 Certainly, one of the major goals of any company is to give value to their customers so that they keep returning again and again. Marketing through email promotions is a good spot to nurture loyal customers as it is possible to incorporate value even if customers are not making a buy.

Additionally, since prospects or customers opted-in, you can utilize email marketing to provide more resources to contacts that are enthusiastic about what you have to express, should you continuously provide value for the viewers, more people will listen and you’ll produce a greater ROI.

11. Creating a forum for promoting your own stuff:

 Sometimes it may be embarrassing for a business to self-promote about their services in regions where prospects haven’t fundamentally opted-in to receive updates about your services and newsletter; there should be a balance, and businesses should let customers create their interest by themselves.

However, self-promotion is just one of the best strategies to reach clients, but unless done in the right direction. With email marketing campaigns, you are always going to have an avenue to market yourself, particularly since clients opted-in. You can send emails about your services, products, your brand stories, case studies, etc.

12. Owning your Press and contact lists:

 With social media platforms, you don’t own the contact list, either the information and content that you post. The platforms own the reactions, followers, like the list. Just Imagine — in case social media goes off tomorrow, the number of customers and followers would you lose? Just because you were only using social platforms for promotions and were not sending them email promotions, How are you going to connect with them so fast after that? That is why building a contact list is significant and very much important for marketers, this is the list that you own, and you also can socialize with them at any time whenever required, you don’t have a fear of losing the contact data anymore. Besides, you’ll also have the access and owning authority of the material that you produce and post.

Email marketing is one of the top ways to reach your audience. Plus, it can also improve your lead numbers and sales numbers. Since this is still the place where people still wish to get information and trust, let us just state that email marketing is not dead. A few brands just less prioritize it, but given the time today, brands have again understood the importance and have added email promotions as the best technique for content promotion.

If you wish to have a great Content Marketing Strategy along with actually implementing and enabling that for you, you just need to visit our website and contact us. We at Aditics believe in running parallel with the current marketing trends for every brand and industry.

-Neha Singh

Chief Marketing Manager

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